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Unlock the power of play-to-earn and watch-to-earn opportunities, alongside daily free mining, and much more! Claim your daily dose of AdMan & BTN coins now!

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Fundamental and Technical

Seamless Rewards

Enjoy effortless earning with BitMan's seamless reward system, where every transaction and interaction within the ecosystem is an opportunity to accumulate tokens and savings on transaction.


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$10 K+

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About the platform

Shop and Invest

Crypto for savings and cashback

BitMan token is the reward coin for the Shop to Earn Ecosystem. It will be distributed to users as cashback rewards for all their shopping activities.

10 Million BTN


10 Million BTN


Leveraging the network

Powering Rewards in the Metaverse and Beyond

Experience the future of rewards with BITMAN token! Integrated with numerous cashback and reward platforms, BitMan is paving the way for seamless transactions and discounts in the website and metaverse. Join us as we revolutionize digital economies with innovative rewards and benefits.

Integrated with leading platforms

Growing and leveraging the network rapidly

Asked Questions

BitMan is a reward token designed to incentivize participation and engagement within its ecosystem. Users earn BitMan tokens through various activities such as transactions, staking, and shoping

You can acquire BitMan tokens through decentralized exchanges (DEXs) where it is listed,

Joining the BitMan community is easy! Follow us on social media channels, join our Discord or Telegram groups, and participate in community discussions. You can also contribute by providing feedback, suggesting ideas, or even building on top of the BitMan protocol.

For more information about BitMan, including tokenomics, roadmap, and updates, visit our website and explore our documentation. You can also reach out to our team through the contact form for any specific inquiries or partnerships.

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