“Do you shop online every day on Amazon, expecting cashback? But, truth be told, you rarely benefit. Try our Btn Miner app instead. Download it from the Play Store, sign up, and shop on Amazon or any available platform. You’ll get free crypto cashback, ranging from 1% to 20%, making your shopping extra rewarding.” SHOP TO EARN CRYPTO

"Explore and shop the brands you adore."

How does the shop to Earn Crypto cashback system work?

"We've blended blockchain magic with classic cashback, making it effortlessly user-friendly. It's so simple, anyone can dive in and enjoy the Real Shop to Earn Crypto !"
  • “Download our Android app from the Play Store, sign up,
  • “Visit the Amazon website, shop, and unlock Crypto Cashback with every purchase. Elevate your shopping experience and earn rewards effortlessly.”
Earn Crypto Cashback
  • “After making a purchase, tap on the claim form. Fill in your order details, submit the form, and enjoy your Cashback, following our simple Shopping and Refund Policy.”

( “Currently, there’s a temporary form-filling process. However, rest assured, our developers are actively working on a fully automated service. In the near future, you won’t need to fill any forms; it will be seamless and hassle-free.”)

Task Function
"Additionally, earn extra income through our Task Function.

you can make money from home. Complete the tasks available in the feature, following the terms and conditions specified. As soon as you successfully finish a task, you’ll earn free crypto effortlessly.”


"BitMan token is the reward coin for the Shop to Earn Ecosystem. It will be distributed to users as cashback rewards for all their shopping activities.

TOTAL SUPPLY: 10,000,000 BTN


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